I am a professionally trained Opera singer, Organist, and a Ponygirl lyndsey singing
Pianist. I am a Christian as well as an Ordained Minister. I am an experienced teacher (more than 25 years) of K-12 as well as at the College/University level. I have been a Director / Minister of Music / Organist in churches (various denominations) for more than 30 years. I have a bachelor's degree, two master degrees, and also finished my doctoral degree course work - all in Music.

Yes, I am a M-F TS, on HRT, and living full-time as a female since mid 2003. Sir and I have been together since April of 2007. When I top, I can be very sadistic, and I "top" now mostly to please the Sir, the Man I love because, He loves to watch me top others. Without Him there to watch, I do not have the desire or need to do so anymore. It is my biggest thrill to be His Ponygirl and Domestic Partner. When Sir and I are doing a session with someone else and I am by His side, many have commented on how well we work together as a "team." This is not something that we plan or work out in advance, it comes very natural for us that I follow His lead. It helps a lot that I am the endless masochist to Sir's endless sadist.

As of September 1, 2013, Ponygroom & I stepped out of the public area with regards to our ponyplay activities and now reserve that part of our kinky activities for our private lives.

I thank God every day that He brought us together and pray that God will grant us many happy, loving, and caring years ahead as we grow old together.

Ponygirl lyndsey
Domestic Partner of, Pet of,
and Owned Ponygirl of Sir Tim (aka: Ponygroom)