Were else can you find your hearts desire? Acceptance, understanding, and open hearts willing to take you in. That is the goal of our group. To promote love and understanding of all things related to animal play.

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The pictures featured on this website are a combination of pictures taken by several people, amateur and profession photographers included. Pictures included on this website were taken by: Masterpierce, kirby, John, kim, Sir John, Sir Tim, kitn, Kri, Amanda, Voice, Lavy, and others are featured throughout this site.

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Below you will find the various pride flags that are associated with the different forms of human animal role-play and their meanings.





furry gay pride flag by daemonikk


The meanings of these flags:

Pony Pride: The pony pride flag was created by Carrie, (a.k.a. Ponygirl Mystic Storm), who presented the flag to the crowd at the Florida Fetish Weekend in October of 2007. The black field represents a tie to the leather community; the white bar represents the true/pure inner spirit within each pony. The blue line across the center represents the ponies who strive to exceed at their craft, as well as the competition aspects of pony play; it's also a nod to denim, for all the cowboys and cowgirls who love their ponies. The green circle represents the grass and nature of a horse's environment, and the overlaying shoes represent the pony in it's natural environment, and the unification of all ponies.

Puppy Pride: This flag shown here (one of several puppy pride flags) represents the "furry" canine community. The origin of this flag, or the specifics of it's symbolic meaning is unknown.

Furry Pride: This simple flag represents the "furry" community.

Kitten Pride: This flag represents the human feline community. The pale blue at the top of the field is meant to represent the male gender; the pink in the center of the field is meant to represent the female gender, and the pale purple at the bottom of the field is meant to represent the transgendered. The center of the field is a feline paw print, representing feline anthropormorphism across all gender boundaries. The flag was designed by Ms Lyndsey (aka: Ponygirl lyndsey), and was originally posted on the Florida Critters' website.

Gay & Lesbian Fur Pride: This simple flag represents the "gay & lesbian furry" community and incorporates (turned 90 degrees) the colors of the Original eight-striped Gay Pride Flag designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978.