Our main Ocala Munch ~ meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month. During this munch we will have Meet & Greet time followed by discussion(s) on various lifestyle topics. We have guest presenters come in to lead and present from time to time.

The Ocala Tuesgreetnight Munch meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month. This is our more "informal" munch and is mainly a Meet & Greet ~ a time to come out to meet other local people involved in the lifestyle. No organized discussion time ~ just a time to come out to socialize with your fellow local kinksters!

✭ Who can attend:
1. Anyone not just new people — which means:
~ a) anyone who is new to the lifestyle
~ b) anyone who is interested in adding to their current knowledge about WIITWD("What It Is That We Do").
2. RSVP's will be required prior to "Newbie Night ~ Ocala!" (minimum of 2-days prior is requested, more is preferred) this is so that the venue can be informed about how many people to expect.

✭ Topics ✭
We have three Topic Areas that will be offered on a revolving three month schedule.  NOTE: You do not need to attend the meetings in order as each Topic Area will be self sustaining and will present the materials in various formats each time they occur. This will make it possible for everyone to keep attending to learn more about the various areas throughout the year.

After eating, we will begin by presenting a core of information that will include: 1) An explanation of the nature of the group; 2) Explanation of a Safe Space; 3) Basic info about personal and online safety; 4) Point out alternative lifestyle groups within driving distance of Ocala; and 5) We will point out the information in the NOTICE at the bottom of this post.

The Classes:

  • Topic Area I: BDSM Overview: A welcoming, non-threatening way for people to learn more about BDSM and the local central Florida BDSM community. We will go over a lot of the basics of what it is that we do: including what we do and why we do it. During this discussion time, we will cover: basic terminology; basic info about the various roles & relationship types available in the lifestyle; basic communication issues & skills; SM vs Abuse; Universal party etiquette; getting started in impact and sensation play; finding someone to do bondage or SM, a “play partner”; and the basics of scene negotiation, Safe Words, and Aftercare.
  • Topic Area II: S/M & Bondage Basics: During this discussion time, we will present an overview of the methods and materials used in the practices of bondage and sadomasochism and go into more detail on various areas fromTopic Area I like consent and negotiation. Areas to be covered include: Consent, Negotiation, getting to Yes; Altered mental states - what happens when we do SM; Types of bondage (rope, metal, leather, others); Bondage activities; Sex toys; Fetishes & Fetish Play; Impact & Non-impact Play; Breathe Play, Genital Play, Blood Play; Fantasy fulfillment; Combining various skills; Creative Scripting; and Animal Role-play 101.
  • Topic Area III: BDSM & Relationships: During this discussion time, we will present: more detail about the various roles and relationship types in BDSM; discuss protocols; talk about emotional safety & mental health issues; discuss some BDSM myths & lies; we will talk about conflict resolution styles; we will discuss the various forms of ethical non-monogamy; and we will also discuss various options that are possible when a BDSM relationship ends.

The Class Format is based on the way people use to learn SM up until about the mid to late 1990's which was: we went to each others' homes and learned. Yes, this does limit the number of people who are able to attend, but it also lends itself to the best possible method for all those attending to learn as much as possible about the particular implement or topic that is being taught that evening. Open to all vetted & active members of the Ocala Munch.

These "hands-on learning" classes will be offered every weekend except the weekend when an "Ocala Munch Invades The Woodshed" event is scheduled

The weekend day for these "hands-on learning" classes will vary between Saturday & Sunday depending on the availability of the venues and to avoid conflicting with other regularly scheduled Ocala parties/events. The first weekend "hands-on learning" opportunity will not occur until the month of May (2015) because the first Sunday in April is Easter Sunday.


Anyone can go to The Woodshed Orlando. However, in order to get the discount entry fee, you must already be a member of The Woodshed and a vetted & active member of the Ocala Munch group. Otherwise, you pay the full entry-fee. If not already a Woodshed member, you must pay The Woodshed "Membership Fee" your first time. 

See announcements for all the details. 

May or may not be directly sponsored by the Ocala Munch group. But, attendees must be vetted & active attendees of the munch.

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