Welcome to PLK Stables' Website!

PLK Stables is the Family Stable (House) -
of Tim Ponygroom and Ms Lyndsey (aka: Ponygirl lyndsey).


In the Menu above, you will find links to the various divisions of PLK Stables:  the Ocala Munch; Kinky Shoppes (found under the PLK Stables Menu), Ponygirl lyndsey's CorralPgL Publications, and Florida Critters.  Choose which area you wish to explore, and come see what we have to offer!

PLK Stables' Mission

  • Besides ponyplay activities that Ponygroom does with his Owned ponygirl, the mission of PLK Stables is to serve as an educational House to train human ponies (or other human animals or critters), to instruct others in the BDSM arts, and to assist new or continuing members of the BDSM community in knowing how to keep themselves safe in the life-style.
  • Events, groups, & organizations sponsored by PLK Stables' are pansexual in nature. We also support all events, groups, organizations which are associated with the LGBTQ community.
  • Those individuals who serve Our House ~ PLK Stables ~ agree with the mission of the House and have taken it on as their own.

The PLK Stables' logo

PLK Stable logo 370

Our logo is built on the Pony Pride Flag (with special permission from its creator, Mystic Storm) because the primary focus of our Stable is to introduce and train new human ponies about ponyplay.

~ The Horseshoe represents Ms Lyndsey's primary spirit animal guide, that of a pony, and the other ponies that we train.

~ The Canine paw print in the upper left-hand corner represents Ponygroom's inner "dog" (and his position of pack leader) as well as the puppies or canines that we train in the lifestyle.

~ The pink Feline paw print in the lower left-hand corner represents the kittens or felines that we train in the lifestyle.

~ The Wolf paw print in the lower right-hand corner represents the secondary animal spirit guide of Ms Lyndsey, her inner wolf spirit, and the other wolves that are member's of our Stable's pack, as well as those other wolves that we train in the lifestyle.

The PLK Stables logo was designed by Ms Lyndsey Aug. 15, 2010 and is the
Intellectual Property of PLK Stables. All Rights Reserved.