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CTK Jamboree 2008

We traveled to Texas in November of 2008 to participate in the CTK Jamboree. Below are pictures during the various events & activities that we participated in during this event.

The Singing Ponygirl!!

During the Opening Ceremonies I sang The Star Spangled Banner. Opening ceremonies were suppose to be the first night that we were there, but due to bad weather was postponed under the next morning.

The Gauntlet Race

Mare's Barrell Racing

The Blind Cart Challenge

Free-Style Dressage

Zoo Days® - The Woodshed: '08-'09

Here you will find a compilation of pictures that were taken during the Florida Critters' Zoo Days® events at The Woodshed Orlando's original location (referred to as Woodshed 1.0) during 2008 & 2009.

Zoo Days® & The Menagerie

Here you will find pictures taken during the combined Zoo Days® & The Menagerie events that were held at The Phoenix Club in Largo, Florida from 2009 -2010.


In this section you will be able to view pictures taken during the various Fetishcon events that Ponygroom and I have attended and done ponyplay activities.

Fetishcon 2007

Fetishcon 2009

Fetishcon 2010

Other Pony Pictures

Here you will find a compilation of pictures taken during various other events including: FLICK's yearly party ~ June, 2008;, at the Fox Den when Trigger was here ~ Feb. 2008;, The Keep ~ Jan. 30 & 31, 2010; and during the Pony Romp in Central Park, in New York City ~ May 1, 2010.