Welcome to my kinky publication website: PgL Publications! 

Unfortunately, this site is no longer active,
however, please see below for more info.

 Thank you for visiting PgL Publications - which was a place to purchase kinky magazines, books, & more.   This site use to carry kinky publications, DVD's, and other items that relates to human ponyplay and other forms of human animal role play as well as furs (furries).

Now that we have retired, we no longer order more stock of these items but rather we assist others in finding kinky publications, DVD's, and other items that they are looking to purchase. 

Side note: we still have VERY limited stock of the following:  Equus Eroticus magazines, currently we still have copies of all issues (we will offer a reduced price to purchase 1 issue of all 22 issues as long as we still have all 22 issues in stock); the Born in A Barn ponyplay DVD featuring Trigger ~ T.H.E Human Equine and Emily Reed (VERY limited quantity); as well as a couple of novels that contain some human ponyplay. 

Please contact me here if you you wish to purchase an item or items from the above list or if you are having trouble finding a specific kinky publication, DVD, or other item (especially if you have any questions about publications related to human ponyplay), and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for.

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Web resulas we still have a few in storage that we would be willing to sell you. We will work with you to find a location where you "might" obtain the publication you are looking for that is still published or possibly obtain a copy of any older publication that is still available.


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