Pony Pride Flag - History & Meaning

The Pony Pride Flag had been an idea of Carrie's that she has carried around in her head  for a couple of years, and finally, in 2007, she brought the idea to fruition. She created the image to show off her pride as a pony girl, and a way for others to have a visual representation of their pride and involvement in the fetish of pony play.

 Pony Pride Flag

Pony Pride Flag -- Created in 2007 by carrie AKA Mystic Storm -- please feel free to use to show your pony pride!

What Does It Mean?

  • Black: Represents pony plays link to and within the Leather Community.
  • White: Represents the pure inner spirit within each pony, no matter how each pony may be different.
  • Blue: Represents the ponies who strive to exceed at their craft and who enjoy the competition aspect of pony play. Also, blue represents denim, for all the cowboys and cowgirls who love their ponies!
  • Green: Represents nature, grass and running free in a field with no worries.
  • Horseshoes: Represents the pony out in its natural environment as well as a symbol to unify all ponies.

Pony Play Flag original appearance
            The Pony Pride Flag making its initial appearance at the opening ceramonies at Florida Fetish                Weekend 2007. Our volunteer flag carrier was amazing and energetic. Photo: @Mastrcary –                  MysticStorm

In 2007 Carrie (pony Mystic Storm) and her trainer Luna (@LunaBear) decided to compete in the first ever International Pony & Trainer Leather Title Competition. This new title was produced and held at the Florida Fetish Weekend held in Tampa, Florida November of 2007 in conjunction with the other contests they alredy produced.

While preparing for the contest and trying to decide on a platform Carrie mentioned in passing that she had been thinking about designing a pony pride flag. With Luna's encouragement and feedback the design process was started. Within a few weeks they had settled in the design that spoke to them and then spent some additional time writing the meanings behind the elements in the pony pride flag.

The next step in the process was commissioning the original physical flag to be produced so they could debut it at the contest. Nancy of Lifestyle Sewing, located in Florida, agreed to create the first flag and deliver it to the Carrie & Luna when they arrived at the event. The original flag was double sided and sewn in a quilt style rather than printed on a single piece of fabric.

The flag was then paraded in at the opening ceremony by a new friend of Mystic Storm & Luna's when they were introduced Friday night at the 2007 Florida Fetish Weekend. Saturday Carrie & Luna fielded questions about the flag, its meaning, and reasons for creating the Pony Pride Flag while juggling their contest commitments. That Saturday night after their performance and on stage speech the scores were tallied and the team was awarded the title of International Pony & Trainer 2008.

Pony Play Flag in stairwell

ony Pride Flag hanging in the stairwell at the Leather Archives & Museum. Carrie donated the original flag made by Lifestyle Sewing to the LA&M in April 2016. Photo posted by the LA&M on Twitter August 26, 2017. MysticStorm

Our Pony Play Flag with our pony cart                     Our pony cart and Pony Pride flag, Fetishcon 2010. Ms_Lyndsey

In her wildest dreams Carrie never expected the Pony Pride Flag to take off like it did. It was born out of her love and passion for pony play. She is humbled to see that others felt the draw of this flag to represent them as pony players and as part of the greater communities of leather and kink. And that people around the world embraced the pony pride flag and fly it in honor of their shared passion and love for pony play.

Carrie donated the original flag to the LA&M in April 2016 during a trip to Chicago. She felt it to be an important part of Leather and Pony Play history and did not want anything to happen to it that might prevent others from enjoying this piece of history.

 Unigryph Pony Flag

            UniGryph created this wonderful horse image using the pony pride flag that was created by me. I think its                awesome! MysticStorm

Garrisons flag                 I am having this, MY ART made into a patch to go on a leather vest. -Garrison-

If you have more information on stylized takes on the original flag or pictures of the pony pride flag flying in unique places (events, parades, your house...) please let MysticStorm know so that she can add them to this as part of the history of the Pony Pride Flag.

Thank you to those who helped in the creation process of the Pony Pride Flag. Thank you to those who have supported what the flag means for our community.

To contact MysticStorm email her at:  smileyponie at gmail dot com