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I am known as Ponygirl lyndsey within the Human Pony Community. I am an Owned Ponygirl. What that means is very muchlike a bio-horse being "owned" by a person. To me and my Owner, Sir Tim (aka: Ponygroom), being an "Owned" human ponygirl has a much deeper meaning than that of an "owned" BDSM slave.

When a person owns a bio-puppy or bio-horse, they have certain responsibilities that they must take on as the owner of that animal. For example: training, feeding, grooming, etc. A human ponygirl Owner has those same responsibilities and more. Since the human ponygirl does not live full-time as a human pony but spends most of her life living as a human being, other responsibilities come into play on the part of the Owner as well as the part of the ponygirl.

I am a Switch (BDSM) by nature, but only submissive to Sir Tim. When I am not being His pony, I care for our home (cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.), serve as chauffeur, and help plan and host our monthly human pet play event - Zoo Days® - which was sponsored by the human animal group that we founded in Florida in 2007 - Florida Pets - which is now called Florida Critters. Sir and I are also life-partners. Our House is called PLK Stables. We started PLK Stables to be a place where we train human ponies who come to us to learn about ponyplay and others who come to us to learn about other aspects of BDSM.

Currently, we live in northern Florida.

Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for those interested in human Ponyplay as well as other forms of human animal role-play. In it I include: pictures of the pony activities that Sir and I do locally as well as at other events that we attend, a glossary of terms associated with horses, and Links to other Ponygirl/Ponyboy websites as well as places to purchase human pony gear/tack, puppy & kitten gear, fur suits, and other information pertaining to human animal role-play.

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 I hope that you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy building it and maintaining it.

Thank you for visiting!
Ponygirl lyndsey
Owned by Sir Tim (aka: Ponygroom)