About the Founders:

Tim (aka: Ponygroom), Master of PLK Stables, has a background in kink going back to tying himself up at age 13. Ms Lyndsey, (aka Ponygirl lyndsey, House Alpha of PLK Stables & the Owned ponygirl of Ponygroom, as been active in the public alternative life-style community for more than 45 years.


PLK Stables . . .

. . . . is the Family Stable (House) of Tim Ponygroom and Ms Lyndsey. Tim Ponygroom is the Master of the Stable & Ms Lyndsey (aka: Ponygirl lyndsey), the Owned Ponygirl of Sir Tim, serves as the Co-Dominant (& is the collared House Alpha) of PLK Stables & as such, assists in the training of:

  • Human ponies as well as grooms, handlers, trainers, & Owners, who come to us to learn about ponyplay.
  • Any others who come to us to learn about other aspects of BDSM.

Tim Ponygroom and Ms Lyndsey are also the co-founders of:

Florida Critters ~ A Subsidiary of PLK Stables (click on Florida Critters in the menu) ~ a human pony, pet, furs, & little social group in Florida. Florida Critters was the first human animal role-play group to recognize the quality of all the different human animal roles by using just the term "Critters" in our name. Since then, many other groups have started up around the US and the world who include this term as part of their name, but also in conjunction with other animal roles (ie: Pony and Critters, Ponies & Critters, Critters & pets, etc.).

~ Beginning in Sept. of 2011, Ms Authoritarian became a Dominant member of our House. In so doing, she took over the leadership responsibilities of the Florida Critters group as its founders, Sir Tim & Ms Lyndsey, handed over the reins, leashes, and cages of the Florida Critters to Ms Authoritarian to lead this great group into the future

~ On August 27, 2013, Ms Authoritarian gave up the leadership of Florida Critters and left her service role to PLK Stables to pursue other interests. We thank her for her service and wish her God speed in her future endeavors. 

~ With the above occurrence on August 27, 2013, the Florida Critters' group passes on into the annals of history as there will no longer be any further real-time events or activities for this group. ALL information contained within the Florida Critters' FetLife group as well as on the website is for historic purposes only, with the exception of the Web Links section of the Florida Critters' website which will be maintained & updated as needed to continue serving as a resource for all those interested in human animal role-play activities.

Zoo Days® ~ was a monthly get together/play time for the members of Florida Critters in central Florida and beyond. As of 2011, this monthly event for Florida Critters became known as Florida Critters Fun Factory. Ponygroom Stables, owned solely by Ponygroom & Ms Lyndsey, holds the registered trademark on Zoo Days®.

Kinky Shoppes in which we co-produce kinky flea events in and around Florida

Besides the ponyplay activities that Ponygroom does with his Owned ponygirl, the two of them also work together quite often to train new human ponies. Ms Lyndsey is also the owner of PgL Publications (click on Menu link), a small business specializing in kinky publications (books/magazine, etc.), DVD's, and other items that relate to human ponyplay and other forms of human animal role play as well as furs (furries). PgL Publishing, is a Web Design & Web Host Management business, where she is the Owner/Web Designer and Ponygroom serves as the Coder & Programmer.

PLK Stables welcomed Kat the Wolf as a member of our stables in 2012. Her Alpha female wolf, named Wolf, has accepted the wolves of PLK Stables as part of her "pack" and as also been accepted by the wolves of our stables to be a member of their "pack."

On June 18, 2013, Nonie left her service position to PLK Stables, but she still remains a member of Ponygroom's & Ms Lyndsey's pack family. We wish her all the best in her life as she moves on in a different direction.

On March 14, 2014, PLK Stables founded & began the Ocala Munch in Ocala, Florida (click Ocala Munch in the menu for more information) as a a group for discreet, consenting adults interested in face-to-face and online discussions in the Ocala (Marion County) Florida area. 

PLK Stables

  • Currently offers training opportunities at local events or play parties that we attend when it is possible and space permits.
  • We have our pony cart that we had with us last night, and we are well equipped to do basic training and then a bit more.
  • Pony training: Ponygroom starts off by training in dressage basics, then tries new ponies in various other techniques (pony cart, jumping, etc.) to find their aptitudes and inclinations. Along the way we learn more about your temperament as a pony. How far along we get depends on time available, desire, strength, endurance, and how much knowledge the pony has at the start. I assist Ponygroom with the training of new ponies and also serves as his "demo pony" when needed, as I was doing last night.
  • Groom/Handler/Trainer/Owner training: Being a Groom was how Ponygroom got his start more than 15 years ago and that role has evolved over time. Ponygroom will teach you the fundamentals of which ever role(s) that you are wishing to learn to achieve. During these times, if you have a pony of your own, you are welcome to bring your pony with you. If you do not have your own pony - that is okay, too, as Ponygroom will use me as your training pony.
  • We also have experience training human puppies as well as human kittens.
  • Ms Lyndsey is also a furry as well as a therian.
  • We have a big advantage here in that we can do outdoor pony training year round with very few days where it gets too cold to train outdoors. We can schedule private training sessions as well to fit the trainee's schedule.

We have never nor will we ever charge for the training services that we provide. We only ask that you bring food to share with others who may be here.

If you have any questions, would like to schedule some training sessions with us at local events or play parties that we attend when it is possible and space permits, or if we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at:
Thank you for visiting our website.

Ms Lyndsey (aka: Ponygirl lyndsey)
Alpha: PLK Stables