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Zoo Days® was founded by Tim Ponygroom and his Owned pony, Ponygirl lyndsey, in 2008. Florida Pets & Ponies was the brainchild group of Tim Ponygroom, Ponygirl lyndsey, darkestangel, and several other animal role-play enthusiasts in the central Florida region who wanted to see a group formed that would include all animal role-players. The main purposes of this group are to come together to share stories, learn from each other, teach, and instruct new ponies and other human pets, and to keep track of events in the area.

The group changed its name to Florida Pets later in 2008 with the hope of attracting more human animal role-players, and then to Florida Critters in 2011 as the group grew to include not just human animal role-players (pony, puppy, kitten, etc.), but also the larger human animals (big cats, big cannies, wolves, etc.) furries, therians, as well as Littles (adult age-players).

In September of 2011 when Tim and Ponygirl lyndsey moved to Nevada, Zoo Days® became known as the Florida Critters' Fun Factory and Ms Authoritarian took over the reins as the Leader of Florida Critters.  On August 27, 2013, Ms Authoritarian gave up the leadership of Florida Critters and also left her service role to PLK Stables to pursue other interests. We thank her for her service and wish her God speed in her future endeavors. On this same date, the remainder of Team Florida Critters also resigned their leadership of the group to move on in a different direction. We also thank them and wish them well in their future endeavors. This leadership team did a superb job at leading Florida Critters. We salute them!!  With this occurrence, on August 27, 2013, the Florida Critters' group passed on into the annals of history as there will no longer be any further real-time events or activities for this group.  What you see here in the Florida critter's section of this website, is being left here for historical purposes. 

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed coming together to play and to have our pictures taken.

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Zoo Days® events of 2008 were held at The Woodshed Orlando in Orlando, Florida.


 April 2008

June 2008

July 5, 2008

July 19, 2008

October, 2008

Dwcmber 8, 2008 ~ Christmas Party



Florida Critters started spreading their wings in 2009 to other locations. Here you will find Zoo Days® events that were held at The Woodshed Orlando as well as Zoo Days® events that were held in partnership with The Menagerie at The Phoenix Club Dungeon in Largo, Florida.

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Zoo Days® events of 2009 held at The Woodshed Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

February 2009

April 2009

May 2009

June 2009

July 2009

August 2009

September 2009

October 2009

Here are pictures of the 2009 combined Menagerie & Zoo Days®
from The Phoenix Dungeon in Largo, Florida.

August 22, 2009

September 19, 2009

December 12, 2009 ~ 2nd Annual Christmas Party


Continuing to "spread their wings" and take Zoo Days® events to other places across the state of Florida, in 2010 Zoo Days® events were held at The Woodshed Orlando in Orlando, The Phoenix Club in Largo, and at The Keep in Live Oak.

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January 30 - 31, 2010, Zoo Days® went to The Keep in Live Oak, Florida. It was a cold couple of days, but Ponygirl lyndsey still "ponied-up" and did some pony cart work. Kitn joined us as we celebrated her birthday that weekend. She enjoyed the trip from DeLand to Live Oak riding safe and secure in her pet cage in the back of our van all the way to The Keep, where she received her birthday floggings from Ponygroom and Ms Lyndsey.

January 30 - 31, 2010

Here you will see pictures taken during the Zoo Days® event in February of 2010 which was once again held at The Phoenix Club in Largo, Florida.

February, 2010

Zoo Days® events of 2010 held at The Woodshed Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

July, 2010

August, 2010

September, 2010

October, 2010

October, 2010 ~ Regular Dungeon TIme

November, 2010

December, 2010 ~ 3rd Annual Christmas Party



Starting in January 2011, Florida Critters decided that it was time to become an even more mobile event.  This was decided due in large part to how spread out the ponies, furs, and other human animals are across Florida.  Becoming more mobile, would make it easier for all the ponies, furs, therians, and other human animals (and those that love them) to travel,  in that the same people will not always have the furthest distance to travel to get to a Zoo Days® event.  Becoming mobile meant that many of these 2011 events would be held at private homes of Florida Critters' members, and therefore it was decided that our play-time parties would henceforth be called Zoo Days® Play-time & Pitch-In Munch.  Of course, like mentioned previously, Zoo Days® would become known as Florida Critter's Fun Factory beginning in September of 2011.

March 2011 @ The Fox Den

April 2011 @ House Equagon

May 2011 @ House Equagon

June 2011 @ The Florida Bash

July 2011 @ The Phoenix Club, in Largo