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As She's Toldas she's told

Winner of the National Leather Association:

International 2008 Pauline Reage Novel Award.


Take two caring, thoughtful individuals with some highly unusual sexuality, let their paths cross, and watch how far their obsession takes them. That's the essence of this story about an intense bdsm relationship: extreme, loving, creative, steeped in imagination, embedded in the real world. What emerges is a passionate, private sexual reality, in which the balance of power tips only one way.

Maia and Anders want nothing less than total power exchange, without games, negotiations or safewords. Any pretence is out of the question; for both of them the power relationship has to be as genuine as it is absolute, but Anders is more than aware of the risks to inexperienced Maia if she should be wrong about what she can handle. Early on, he steers a careful line "between games and gobbling her up." His ownership is established step by step through conditioning, painful consequences and constant bondage, and before long, Maia finds walking away has become inconceivable.

Anders keeps his slave increasingly "like an animal on a very short tether." His love of technology takes some interesting turns, particularly around orgasm control, teasing and denial. The intensification of Maia's enslavement is balanced by the pair's affection, sense of humour and intelligent conversation, and by the real world of work and friends. Some of these friends become integrated into the ménage one way and another, and help Anders create the setting in which Maia's uttermost submission can flower.

(above synopsis taking from Anneke Jacob's website.  You can go to Ms Jacob's website where you can read reviews, and excerpts from all her books).

Price: $20 US


Owned and Ownerowned and owner

It is a science-fantasy story of a universe where men and women live on separate planets. It covers many areas of BDSM - pony play, chastity belts, floggers, suspension, teasing and denial, and total power exchange.

Far into the future is a world of men, a planet where the only women are rare and exotic pets. These few women, convicted of crimes, have chosen their punishment: slavery on Henth. The men who buy them know what they are getting: eager submissives, willing to accept the status of animals in order to be owned by men.

Etrin is a young woman who makes this choice; Garid is the man who buys her. Owned and Owner is their story; one of consensual dominance and submission, taken as far as the imagination can go. The story is one of unconditional slavery, told from inside a woman's bound and naked skin.

Once her choice is made, there is no turning back. Leashed, caged, auctioned, and handed over to her new owner, Etrin finds out what it is to be helpless in the hands of a man who knows exactly what she is, and precisely what he wants. She's raced as a pony, caged and punished, but the hardest adjustment of all is the chastity belt, and the discovery that teasing and denial are her master's right and pleasure.

(above synopsis taking from Anneke Jacob's website. Visit Ms Jacob's website where you can read reviews, and excerpts from all her books).

Price: $16 US

Ponyplay Books

The Human Pony - A handbook for owners, trainers and admirershumanpony

Authored by Pony Mistress Rebecca Wilcox and includes writings of other experienced pony players.

Book Review:

The age-old fetish of the ponygirl and ponyboy has never been hotter! Today's kinksters, responding to the compelling creak of leather, the attention-getting snap of whips, and the rhythmic clip-clop of hooves, have built an entire fetish and community around the beauty, power and erotic appeal of pony boys and pony girls.

The Human Pony is written in terms that a novice can understand, but is also a great resource for the longtime pony player. The photography is lush and erotic and the writing is clear and concise, with the bonus of added material in the form of candid, personal interviews, to bring it to full life.

Price: $24 US

Other Books

Safer Shootsawareness1 lrg01afx

Are you new to modeling? Want to move forward in your career, but you've had a bad experience with a photographer? Are you concerned for your safety? Learn from industry veterans how to avoid even the most dangerous predators. Safer Shoots provides guidelines and references every model in the fetish and bondage modeling industries should know.

The fetish, bondage and BDSM modeling industries are havens for predators. The industry attracts them, and has a hard time getting rid of them.

Guys with a camera, limited photography skills, and a craving for sexual adventure are common enough. They usually bring no more than an annoyance. They might negotiate for an hour of non-nude modeling but once they have you in rope, cut some of your clothes off... until you scream at them. Or, you shoot with them, but can't seem to shake the creepy feeling they give you, so you never shoot with them again.

A predator who counts on your desire to keep your modeling separate from the rest of your life will try to blackmail you into doing far more than you planned on doing for them.

Scam artists want not only those special poses from you; they want your money too. They have no intention of paying you, and instead will scam you into paying the bills they leave behind.

While the guy with a camera and a craving doesn't usually cause trouble, no model ever appreciates an encounter with a predator.

How can a model increase the odds of a fun, safe, positive session? Industry veterans say following these guidelines helps.

* Be aware that the fetish and bondage modeling scenes are havens for predators.
* Know about the risks you are taking.
* Negotiate what will happen at the shoot; settle the details in advance.
* Search for them online before you agree to meet.
* Require references. Know how to give and receive a helpful reference.
* Trust your gut!
* Whenever possible, bring an escort.
* Network with other models.
* Use a Safe Call (and let the photographer know you are doing that).
* Avoid using drugs or alcohol during or just before the shoot.
* Don't change your limits once the shoot starts.

Safer Shoots provides the detailed guide you need so that you can improve your ability to detect offers from predators, understand the most common scams, and research photographers online.

Link:  Safer Shoots
By Tim aka Ponygroom
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