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Miscellaneous Information:

About me:

I have been doing something kinky with myself since age 13. I didn't realize other people did these extraordinary things until 1995, when I typed the word Bondage into my brand spanking new default search engine Altavista. I saw for the first time that there were men who enjoyed bondage as much as I did. Some even seemed to enjoy pain as much as I did, both giving and receiving. This began a new direction in my journey. Until that point I was dominating my wife at home, off and on, experimenting with orgasm control, rope, and bedroom scripts like "captured by pirates". Are those horny pirates! So long at sea... Since 1997 I have been grooming and training human ponies. My inspiration came from having some experience boarding a horse when I was a teenager, combined with an understanding of human pets that began to bloom in 1996. Then I met Rogue Pony - before she was known as Rogue Pony. We spent a year in a contract as "pony and Groom".

In 2007, I got a pony of my very own, lyndsey. Training her, and playing with her, have made some of the happiest times of my life. It helps a lot that she is the endless masochist to my endless sadist. We have a little play group here in central Florida we called Florida Pets and Ponies, or just Florida Pets, for short. Florida Pets is now known as Florida Critters. We have puppies and kittens, furries and trainers, just a good all around assortment of pets and those who love them, in the group. We also welcome adult babies and Littles, they seem to enjoy the pets so much.

I don’t know of a single site on the net where you can read about sociopaths in the BDSM, Leather, or Swinging scenes.   There are sites about sociopaths.  There are sites about BDSM.  And of course, sites for swingers and sites for Leather.   Some of these sites have pages devoted to recognizing bad actors, and a lot of them have information on things you can do to reduce the odds you will be harmed.

So, with millions of sites on the internet, we need this one ~ Sociopaths in the Scene ~ too.

How did this get started, anyway?

Well, a few years ago, I had yet another unsavory experience with yet another unsavory person, who had been plaguing a region of Florida near me for at least a decade.  The guy had simply no conscience at all.  It didn’t take me long to detect what he was all about, but I had a terrible time explaining him to my friends.  I tried searching for web pages, and books, just anything I could hand a friend and say “here, this explains the man, read up!”.  But there wasn’t a single site or page focused enough to be helpful to me.  So, I decided to gather up the files I had scattered on my hard disk, tag some of the bookmarks I had in my browser, and get organized.

I lead a very busy life.  I spent little time on the project at first.  After about two years of organizing, researching, and filing, I decided to write a book.

Sociopaths in the Scene is part of a larger effort to gather, author, and present materials on emotional safety in BDSM and Leather. We do so much to educate on SM technique, but so little to help those who simply want to socialize in peace.

The pamphlet is available as a PDF file. It can be printed on the front and back of an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper, then folded up to make the pamphlet. The PDF can be obtained by writing to