My role as a House Alpha (c. 1970)

Note: Even though this House that I served in for almost 9 years no longer exists due to the deaths of the Master & Mistress of the House as well as their only heir, I feel it would still be a breach of ethics to mention the House’s name since it was an agreed upon rule of the House to not mention the House’s name or exact location. I can only say that this House was located in Virginia.

Besides being the Alpha of the House, I also served as the personal slave to the assistant House Mistress, who was the daughter of the House Master & Mistress. My primary responsibility to the House as the Alpha was the initial training of all House slaves or subs. Below describes my slave training responsibilities.

Slave training

From the very beginning, everything was designed a “test” of the slave’s or sub’s (henceforth when the term slave(s) is used, it also applied to the part-time sub(s) of the house) commitment to serving and becoming a member of “The House,” ex: arrival times, attitude, following given instructions, presentation, things like that. Keep in mind that this was before the internet was in such wide usage and therefore communications were mostly done via phone.

1. Early stages:

Even the initial meetings were a “test” of commitment

  • Not at “The House”
  • Had several different places that were used for the initial meetings
  • These would be varied specifically so that the potential slave could not try to figure out the location of “The House.” [Explained above].
  • A time was set-up, I would always arrive 10-20 mins. late to the first meeting.
  • There would be another member (this was usually the Beta slave) of “The House” in place prior to the meeting time who would report to me if the potential slave had arrived on time.
  • During these meetings, I would collect back-ground info / references (which were always collected at first meeting – thus the slave was informed these would be required at the 1st meeting during pre-meeting phone conversations), & I would also ask questions pertaining to their past experience (BDSM activities they enjoyed, soft / hard limits, etc) of the potential slave.
  • The number of pre-training meetings away from “The House” varied, but there were never less than 8 such meetings (& no more than 12). I always had, unbeknownst to the slave, another House slave present at the meeting location. This works better than any safe-call and is the technique I’ve used all my life.
  • A list of the slave positions (which can be found below) was given to the potential slave at the mid-point of these meetings away from “The House” (so about the 4th meeting). This was so that the potential slave could start memorizing the single word commands and we could discuss / work on the 10 major slave positions used by “The House” before the initial meeting at “The House.” These is because during the initial meeting at “The House” the potential slave would meet Mistress and interact with Her for part of the first visit.

2. During the time I was conducting the initial meetings away from “The House,” it was also my responsibility to check out any and all references that the potential slave had given me during the first initial interview. Once I was able to:

  1. confirm their references
  2. have a written record of the activities that they already have experience with as well as their soft / hard limits, and
  3. when the potential slave had a grasp of the 10 major slave positions that Mistress would most likely use during the slave’s initial meeting with Her at “The House,”
  4. then the slave was notified of their being accepted into the training program of “The House” based upon the final decision of the House Mistress during their initial meeting with Her.

3. After slave was accepted into training, meetings would be at “The House.”

The first Meeting at “The House” was very important. During this first 3 hour meeting at “The House,” the slave in training would spend about half of that time with the Mistress of the House. I was not present for the first hour of this time, but was busy getting the dungeon ready for a “Slave in Training” (s.i.t.) collaring ceremony that would take place during the slave in training’s last ½ hour with Mistress.

  1. The other full-time slaves would be notified so that they could be in attendance at this ceremony
  2. Other “House” subs who wanted to attend were also in attendance, but was not required as most of the subs lived and worked away from the House and or had their own homes.
  3. Mistress’ throne was placed on the platform with the kneeling bench (for the new s.i.t. to kneel on) placed before the throne

After the ceremony was completed, the new House s.i.t would spend the reminder of the first visit “in training” with me.

4. For the next two to three months, I would have bi-weekly training sessions with the new
s.i.t. These included:

  1. Advance slave position training (i.e.: learning the rest of the slave positions used by “The House”).
  2. Stretching the limits of the s.i.t.’s already existing BDSM activities
  3. Exploring new activities with them.
  4. Disciplining them when or as needed
  5. Introducing them to some of Mistress’ favorite activities (if these were not already activities they were familiar with).
  6. Introducing them to their fellow “House” slaves & subs. This was done in several ways:


  1. Get togethers away from or at “The House” (social time)
  2. Involving other House slaves in scenes with the s.i.t.
  3. Informal discussion sessions with all the other House slaves about different BDSM topics.

Prepared: Monday, May 31, 2010 for a presentation given during the MAsT: Daytona Beach monthly meeting held Friday, June 4, 2010.

Traditional slave positions

Below is a list of traditional slave positions and commands that have been used for a long time and pre-dates by many years the more familiar Gorean Slave Positions

Often these positions are referred to as "Old Guard" positions (whatever “Old Guard” is - that is another subject altogether). To me, it seems more logical to refer to them as traditional slave positions. In addition, commands and positions varied depending on where you lived or your House's preferences. As seen below, the use of the word 'Present' or 'Presenting' varies greatly. The traditional positions shown below are more flexible than the Gorean ones and less standardized.

Attend - This is when a slave is directed to 'attend' to the needs or serve another dominant (non-sexual)

Attention - This is a military position. The slave stands, feet and ankles together and her arms are at her sides, fingers curled slightly under and held at the thighs. Her back is straight and her eyes are focused on the horizon.

Assume Spot - This is generally a position to the left and slightly behind a dominant wherein the slave is in a comfortable position (not kneeling) which can be maintained for long periods of time.

Auction – This is a position used to display a slave at a slave auction or to show your slave to others. The slave starts by facing the crowd with legs spread, arms at a 45 degree angle from body with palms facing crowd. On command the slave turns away from the crowd and assumes the same position in order to show her back side.

Bring - Get - Fetch - All variations of the same command which is used to set the slave into motion to retrieve an object or objects for her Master.

Close - can be used physically, mentally or both; Generally it means that the slave is to "close off" the genitals from view, from desire or both.

Come - Present - Generally a face down position, arms at the side, legs together. This is the definition of Present as a position.

Crawl - generally a full forward belly crawl.

Crawl - (variation) knee and palm crawl.

Display - any arrangement of body posture determined in advance by the dominant to be 'the display position' -- slave is to move into that position until verbally released.

Display - This position is often called Inspection. The Display command has several different means depending on your location. 1) English Classic Display - kneeling with thighs widely apart. The slave should interlock her fingers behind her head, chin should be up, eyes should be down, butt on heels, back is straight, chest and genitals presented in 'display' or for the viewing pleasure or inspection. 2) Modern - Standing in semi-military stance. Feet should be same width apart as the shoulders, fingers laced behind neck, chin up, eyes down, posture straight, full body and genital exposure. 3) In addition, in some areas "Display" was a command for the slave to show her Master her mouth, breast, anal area and cunt in four positions.

Dismissal - This is used for dismissal from presence for discipline or punishment and should include the slave backing away from the dominant, chin up, eyes lowered in whatever 'mode of travel' the slave is already in when the command is issued. Example, if the slave is standing the slave will back up standing. Slave is to remain 'facing' their dominant until they have gone beyond the 'threshold' -- in common terms this is generally 10 feet (seldom implemented today). If the slave is in a crawling position when dismissal is ordered, they would crawl backwards (again facing dominant) from presence.

Down on Back - assume position on back, legs together, arms at side.

English Obedience - Kneeling (same as English above) except that the slave will place her hands behind her back (often crossed at wrist) and will bend forward until her face is against the floor surface.

Follow - to trail the dominant an exact pace 3-4 steps to the back and left of dominant.

Examination - It is usually more than one position. The slave displays a part of her body then on command moves to the next position to display a different part of her body.

Exit or Leave Presence - Older traditions were for a slave never to turn her back on her dominant while moving 'in presence.' The turning of her back is considered an action of disrespect.

Get - Bring - same command as above.

Go to your Place - The slave goes to a predetermined location in the home and stays until her Master has a need for her.

Fetch - The slave is to retrieve objects using only her mouth as a dog would.

Front cuff or back cuff - slave to move hands to front while maintaining any presentation position -- or to the back. Cuffing can be 'invisible.'

Guard - This order or command is exactly as it sounds -- it orders the slave to guard whatever the dominant directs the slave to guard -such as property or even other people.

Heel - The slave follows slightly behind and to the right of her Master. Often used if the Master wishes to engage in conversation while walking with his slave.

Humble - may include face down with legs parted to width of shoulders -- arms out to sides to form a human cross shape and can be face up or face down.

Informal or At Ease position - Very similar to military at-ease position. The slave standing with her feet at the same width apart as the shoulders, head up, eyes down, posture perfect but not stiff. The slave when standing next to other slaves should maintain one arm lengths distance on all sides if more than one slave is under inspection.

Inspection - often used for 1) or 2) listed under Display.

Leave - Stop - command to cease any and all activities without question.

Modern kneel - slave will rest her weight on her forearms with her hands meeting and her face moving down to rest against her wrists.

Open - present - As noted -- Present is used in many ways. Open is or can be used to mean open physically, mentally or both - Open most often refers to genitals.

Parade rest - This is another military position. The slave spreads her feet apart to the width of the shoulders. The slave's arms are behind her back and she cups one hand in the other at the small of her back. If used in a military fashion, the slave must first be at attention and when ordered to Parade rest, moves only her left foot and hands to assume the position. In the BDSM community this position is often used without going first to attention.

Present - This is commonly used to order slave into 'modern' kneel display position. Kneeling with thighs apart, back should be posture perfect, chin up, eyes down, palms down and resting on the front of thighs, butt on heels. A variation is the English style - palms up on thighs (otherwise same as below).

Present - (variation) will have a submissive face down with arms stretched forward over her head -- wrists crossed -- and ankles crossed to represent cuffing.

Present (position) - may include ritualized offerings of a collar, or may blend with other commands such as 'bring' so that the slave 'displays' the object she has retrieved in a present position once returning to the presence of the dominant.

Present down - This position is generally where the slave moves from a standing or kneeling position into a full face down presentation. Note: attaining the position should be done in a sensual fashion to provide visual pleasure to anyone viewing the change in position.

Stool - table - ottoman - These are all variations of a slave as furniture on hands and knees with head down below table surface - back to be held firmly as furniture (footrest or table).

Surrender - Prostate - often melded to present down with ankles crossed and arms above head wrists crossed while laying face down.

Worship - This command directs a slave into a position of worshipping a specific body part of the dominant.

Whip - This may be a standing or kneeling position. If standing the slave should be against a solid surface (hand bracing) exposing the back and buttocks for whipping. If kneeling, the slave should present back and buttocks in the air while adequately protecting the hands, and neck by keeping those areas down or under the body.