Pony Carts

Pony Cart #1cart 001

Fully collapsible pony cart.

Designed by Tim Ponygroom, this pony cart can be disassembled to transport in the trunk of a car. It comes with the frame, axle, and the poles. You supply the seat (any boat seat will fit from any boat supply store), as well as the wheels from Northern Tool.

Ponygroom's pony, Ponygirl lyndsey use to be an exotic dancer. Ponygroom and his pony wanted to be able to incorporate more dance moves into their pony cart routines. This was not possible with "most" pony carts on the market because of their limited maneuverability. Ponygroom designed this pony cart specifially for itsgtreater maneuverability and thus he and his pony began doing what they refer to as "Pony Cart Dancing" routines.

Please send us an inquiry email with the subject line "Pony Cart", and we will get back to you about the details of your cart (color choice, etc.), prior to its construction.

Price: $250 US